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Google My Business Page suspended and need help resolving issues

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I help small businesses with their Google issues and among others work with two different locksmiths.  Both recently had their my business pages suspended at the same time a week or so ago.  


We assumed due to a new algorithm rollout. 


One of my clients takes a more active roll in his google interactions and contacted google directly and after a series of back and forths got his suspension changed from suspended to some sort of inactive state to unsuspended.  Although it is still not showing in Maps, but he was advised it will be soon.


My other client, the Key guys 215 Queen Ave S Mpls., MN 55405 612-33-7677  remains suspended.


The notice on his page said it was due to "Quality Issues"


I called Google on his behalf to inquire and was told it would be sent "upstairs"


We then got a message with this label  [6-0795000013351]  saying it was due to quality issues and we should review the quality guidelines. 


I responded to that email, and point by point asserted that we complied with all the aspects on the Quality Guideline page. (as you will see below, I may have been in error in one regard.)


That email was sent as a reply to [6-0795000013351] on 9/10/16 and so far no further correspondence from that effort - now 11 days later.


In the interim, I found the link to appeal the suspension. on 9/17 we recieved a denial referenced [5-6903000013367] which said it could not be reinstated at this time, due to "Spammy Behavior."  A different reason than listed on the site's suspension notice.


Neither response was very helpful, but we are all aware of that issue with Google, so I won't bleat on about it.


Now where I think we went awry as mentioned above.


Immediately after I clicked the appeal to send, I realized what may have been the problem. I am guessing here - as neither response from Google pointed in this direction.


It turns out that we actually have two Google My Business Pages.



Both are suspended.


The first is the verified name address and phone number of my client. (Who by the way is a legitimate locksmith specializing in car keys replacement, and in business for over 15 years)


The second was set up over a year ago, by Richard Kelly to post YouTube videos on behalf of the company.


At the time, we wanted to use a different gmail account to protect the privacy of the business gmail account:


The new email used was:


When setting up the youtube account, a new G+ page was automatically created by you guys??? At least that is what I think happened.


The actual videos posted on the new account were posted under Richard Kelly's channel and not the KeyGuys Channel that was set up then.


Over the past year we have created about 2 dozen videos on this new channel. We have recently made them all private, thinking this may have had some bearing on the issue. (But I don't know why they would)


In setting up the second account, we wanted to begin building our brand and promoting it on multiple social media properties, including a Blogger account, a tumblr account, and a variety of others. These posts were managed by an IFTTT network to just repost our own content on our own properties.


These properties have been reposting our blog posts and our videos.  We thought and still think this action is in full compliance with your terms of service and are not spam. If we are wrong about that, please let us know.


If we are right about the reposting of our content on our own properties is okay, then it seems to us the only issue is the existence of the second Google Plus page.


Which again, was created by you when we tried to set up a separate youtube account.


If it is possible, we would like the two accounts combined, particularly if you could preserve the interlinking we set up on the second account by


We spent considerable effort interlinking this account with our other social media properties and would like to preserve this effort if possible.


Our primary goal however is to get our Google Maps situation settled. We really want and need to get our Google Plus page off suspension.


We have been in business for over 15 years and have a strong positive reputation in the community. We understand that you have been plagued as have we, by all the scammers in our industry. As such, we have tried to be in good standing with Google as well.


In an effort to resolve this on our side, we tried to close the second Google Plus page, but could not without closing the YouTube account on which we have the bulk of our videos. (There are also some on the original email account's youtube channel.)


If we have gone astray in some other manner, we would certainly like to know about it so we can take corrective action.


All of the above about the duplicate Google Plus page was sent to Google referencing [5-6903000013367]  To date we have not had any response.




We are also aware that all the other major established locksmiths in our market are also no longer appearing on Google we still want to think this is a new algorithm problem.  But the negative Quality issues and Spammy comments have us alarmed. 


We believe we are working in good faith, and if we have inadvertently gone astray are more than willing take corrective action.


I apologize for the length of this, but am hoping that I have been clear about the situation and that someone somewhere can help.





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Re: Google My Business Page suspended and need help resolving issues

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Hi @Bryan N


These are not duplicate business pages.


This is a Brand Page:


This is a Business Page:



Potential Issues:


1) why has the business page listed 4 other tel number >> 1 local number

2) I cannot find the business name registered with Sec of State





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Google My Business Page suspended and need help resolving issues

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We are in the process of changing the website for multiple purposes. We have used multiple phone numbers for years to market to the different area codes and regions in the Minneapolis St Paul Metro area. We serve the entire area and have found that having local numbers has helped our business.  We have a fleet of trucks that serve the area.  The phone number of record is the one we use for the main office where we handle bills and business aspects. We will be making a change, and have been working to correct our citations, although we know we need to do more work there. But I do not see how this would lead to our page being called spammy.  


As to Registration with Sec of State, we should be. I will need to double check that.  We hold a trademark on the business name. 




Google My Business Page suspended and need help resolving issues

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Just checked and we are registered with State of Minnesota.