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I have a Google My Business account and I am not showing on the map.  We used to be in the top 3 and we have a lot more reviews than the other companies that are on the map, but we are literally not on the map whatsoever.  I can find the company if I look it up specifically or look up a keyword with the city and state, but no matter what we are nowhere on the map. I search under Auto Repair Libertyville IL and we are usually the 2nd company down after the maps. The business name is Christoph's Automotive, the address is 1070 E Park Ave Libertyville, IL 60048 and the phone # is 847-918-8100.


Any help would be appreciated.


Thank you,


Google Maps

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Sup Kari!

Im a local business owner just like you, in my spare time I like helping other's with this super confusing Goog Maps.


... 35 reviews wowza lookin good! 


The link you posted wont work for anyone.. you have to be logged into see it.


The only thing I can guess is Goog is doing whats called a burp.. ya a burp. Basically sometimes you vanish for a couple weeks and then magically appear again.


Checking you or others SEO efforts.. and you need some major work. Your on page SEO doesn't even mention your keywords you want to rank for.... etc etc.


I doubt you your SEO efforts are the sole reason you aren't ranking at all.. but they will defiantly help.


I really think its mostly a burp but I would also hire a new website company to handle your site's logistics.