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Google Maps

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Google maps is showing the back of my building with the incorrect address. the google listing has the correct address however the maps street view is incorrect. i have been suggesting corrections for the past 2 years and google still replies with a no reply email system saying that not enough information is being provided and to suggest another correction with more detail. frankly this is extremely frustrating as a business owner for something so simple as this to be deterring people from my business because it shows them the back of the building. 

Any suggestions on contacting google directly to explain the error since their no-reply system clearly cannot figure it out. 


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Re: Google Maps

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@Healing S


I'm pretty sure you are not yet aware the main issue of the GMB listing.

Its not the bad or wrong street view.


Its a kind of bad definition of the access point to your business  and calculations of direction from and to your busines.

You will get an idea of what I mean looking at this driection route:

Its a direction from your address "6100 Thorold Stone Road, Niagara Falls, ON L2J 1A3, Canada" to your business as with your listing and shows this strange deviation as below: 


Screenshot 2016-09-08 at 21.10.53.png


Searching with GMaps for your plain street address "6100 Thorold Stone Road, Niagara Falls, ON L2J 1A3, Canada"  gives me a maker at 43.114700, -79.096774

This is differnt fron how you defined the marker and wondering why you did not set the marker at this location 43.114700, -79.096774?

At the moment I'm bit unsure what to recommend or how to escalate your issue.


Will ask an other TC @treebles about this.


Please be patient until I or treebles come back to here.




there is for the same address an other business "Miki wireless cellphone repair center" and for this business this strange direction  doesn't happen:


Screenshot 2016-09-08 at 21.41.12.png



second supplement FWIW


the street view in the knowledge graph of "Mikis Wireless cellphone repair center" shows the street view as made from the location of the "Thorold Stone Road" from and to  where the two dotted lines go between the "Thorold Stone Road" and ""Mikis Wireless cellphone repair center"


Given the facts about "Mikis..." it smells for me a kind of bad defined access point for the "Healing salt cave" business

Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile

Re: Google Maps

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Thank you for this thorough explanation

Re: Google Maps

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The driving directions are correct now, but the marker for the business is placed now on the middle of the road, which is incorrect. The marker for the business should be on top of the business location.
I see three edits of the location 3 hours ago.
Was it you who edited the location of the business marker through your My Business dashboard?
if it was you, please, move the marker on top of the actual location of the business.
The problem with driving directions and Street View imagery can be addressed by escalating the matter to Google employees, but the marker for the business must be located on top of the store.
Thank you

treebles, Google My Business Top Contributor

Re: Google Maps

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so how come the image of the outside of the location is still showing the back of the building if the driving directions are corrected? this is the essential problem. i had tried to move the marker in order to get google maps to move the image to the front of the building with the correct street address as opposed to 6100 elizabeth street which is incorrect.

Re: Google Maps

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I had escalated the problem to google... for the past 2 years i have been reporting the problem and it seems their google employee system hasn't recognized the problem and persist to tell me i have not given enough details on the matter. so please how else can i escalate the problem without paying for a google work account to be able to call them directly. this has gone on for too long without having been able to do anything about it