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Google Map Not Appearing In Map Results

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Our listing for Richardson & Wrench Northbridge is not appearing in the maps for Real Estate Agency Northbridge while our other offices like castlecrag is showing up in top 5. 






I understand that the algorithm can be random and all that but I've been monitoring this specific location and it just doesn't show up. I've checked the google my business account and there are no issues. The page is optimised actually.


Here is the map results page

It's just weird because RIchardson & Wrench Castlecrag, Mosman and other locations are showing up. 



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Re: Google Map Not Appearing In Map Results

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I doubt all your listings are in compliance with Googles rules about naming (since you added the location to the name).

And taking a closer look onto the listings for Northbridge and Castlecrag I see both use the same website.

So I supect you are somehow responsible for the bad ranking of the location in Northbridge

Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile

Re: Google Map Not Appearing In Map Results

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Hi Helmut,

The Northbridge and Castlecrag shares one website / landing page but they have separate offices. One in Northbridge and one in Castlecrag.'

I checked the other lists and some are not verified and uses the main website and not the office landing page.

The business name with the location is the naming convention of the offices. The agency has multiple offices and each offices are owned or managed by different people.