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Google Business requirements are wrong?????

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Google suspended my 'Google Business' several days ago for some unknown quality issue.  So I went and read the guidelines (and re-read them, again and again) and my listing was in full compliance with all of the publicly stated guidelines or requirements.


I emailed Google Business and they eventually phoned me back.  At first the woman said that she couldn't tell me why my business listing is disabled.  I said "that is just goofy, how can I fix a problem if you won't tell me what it is?".  The woman kept (insanely) repeating that she couldn't tell me what the issue was.  After 5 minutes of this frustrating foolishness I asked her to pass me to her supervisor.

Eventually the supervisor came on the phone and told me that my business was black listed because I haven't submitted a Canadian Government issued document to prove that I own the business.  I explained to the gentleman that in Canada one is allowed to start a business as a sole proprietorship, meaning it doesn't need to be incorporated.  I'm not sure how this works in the US, or India, but this is perfectly legal in Canada.  


Additionally, I went on to explain that in Canada one can own a legal corporation (which I do) under a different name, sometimes even a numbered corporation, and then operate the corporation under a different name (termed Operating As or O/A).  There can be issues with duplication of names, but anyone who has registered their O/A name is protected.  So, long story short, my Google Business listing is based on my limited corporation (Gastraxx Inc.) but is operating as (O/A) Bruce Williams Photography.  Again, this is 100% legal in Canada, and NOWHERE in the guidelines does it say that ONLY an incorporation  can have a Google Business listing.


So what gives?  Why is Google punishing a legitimate business?   I have already spent countless hours trying to get this rectified to no avail.  If it were not for the numerous 5 star recommendations that I have (had?) on my Google Business I would have been satisfied to say to heck with Google and never spend another dime on Google Adwords!  However, I feel that I should at least try one more time (I've always been a slow learner).  


Can someone please point me to the Google Business listing guidelines or requirements that STATE that only incorporated businesses can have a Google business listing?    Please don't give me the link above again because it DOES NOT state this anywhere.  


1. Bruce Williams Photography

2. 406 Citadel Hills Circle NW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada   T3G 3V7
3. (403) 720-2165  or (587) 998-2744




Kind regards, 


Bruce Williams

Google Business requirements are wrong?????

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You are quiet right.

I had a 'Google my Business', Handyman and Lodgings listings here in the UK at one time. The first eventually was banned as competition for Google Adwords I suppose. All self-employed.


You have set up as a service area business I suppose with a Service Area set?


Try again
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