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Google Business Listing Suddenly Suspended

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This morning I logged into our Google Business account to check for reviews as well as share a post to our Google+ page as I do on a fairly regular basis, and upon logging in I see the red banner of doom across the top of our page saying that it had been suspended. I was just logged into the account yesterday and everything was working fine. I did not make any changes to our page at all from yesterday up until logging in this morning, and I did not make any changes after logging in this morning either. I already submitted an appeal for reinstatement and I have requested support calls from Google at least three times now, and I never received a call back either. In addition to that I also attempted to conduct a live support chat, but was met with the notification that "chat is unavailable at this time". Could you please help me in figuring out what it is that could have caused our page to be suspended as well as guide me in the right direction to getting our page live again?



1324 North 15th Street Philadelphia, PA 19121

(215) 554-6109


Thank you in advance for your time and assistance!

Re: Google Business Listing Suddenly Suspended

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@ElizabethP you helped us before when we ran into issues with our listing, could you please help us out again?