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Google+ Brand and Local Pages - double checking our options

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Hello Community!


We are the Yolo County Historical Museum (Gibson House)

512 Gibson Road, Woodland, CA, USA (Mapped at


(Note: We have included screenshots. Unfortunately, this computer doesn't wasn't to display any of them (or even those from other posts). Hopefully they come out fine. If not, oh well.) Were chalking it up to an old computer.)


We have a local Google+ page ( and a brand page ( They are managed by the same account. They both appear when we do a Google search (for "Yolo County Historical Museum Google+") and to make sure that customers go to the correct page,  we'd like to merge/link the two pages. We are also thinking in the long-run when we have different staff so they know which page to post to (there would ideally be only one option for them).Search.pngGoogle Search for YCHM

We have contacted Google via IM/chat and email (they replied by phone). Each time, we got the same person and he said that the brand page was a "cover page," and we couldn't post anything to it and no-one can follow it (i.e. it is a benign auxiliary) -- we have posted to it, and we have one follower. No help on merging as the "cover page" is not an actual Google+ page.


This is what we have found (we know that some of the references are from old posts, but it is what we have found.) and we're trying to figure out which is correct.


Several posts say to go to to connect the two pages if the pages are created with the same account. It, however, brings up the (correct) error that the business is already part of the account. (Google obviously changed something with the process since 2016 as we cannot use the steps (Step 6 was frequently referenced in posts).  Already on account.pngAlready on account

Other posts (some old, some rather new) say that it cannot be done at all.

We have tried to delete the brand Google+ page, but it says there are no services to be deleted.  No services.pngNo services can be deleted.


We more or less understand the difference between the brand and local pages (although the brand page is the verified page) -- and that some of the referenced community posts are dated, -- we'd just like to know which is correct (if any), or if there is another method that can be used. Maybe there is a way to mute one of the pages to the public?


Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Google+ Brand and Local Pages - double checking our options

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Any updates from out there?


It has been a month and we will be having staffing changes soon, so we want to make sure everything is squared away beforehand to make things easiest for any new staff that might be working with Google+.