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Getting reviews for another restaraunt

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Another pub in a different state recently opened with the same name as ours and a bunch of their customers confused us with them and left negative (1 star) reviews on our business. Some of the reviews are pretty obvious because they reference Afton (the city where the other Lumberyard Pub is), while others reference items we don't even serve (like Frickles) and other's are less obvious but make references to us "recently opening" which is hardly the case. We responded to their reviews however we ultimately would like to have them all removed. Does anyone have any advice on how to best handle this?


  1. Name: Lumberyard Pub
  2. Address: 2 Main St, Redding, CT 06896
  3. Phone: (203) 544-7287
  4. Google+:

Thank you!

Re: Getting reviews for another restaraunt

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Hi @Jason P,


Such a bummer that you're receiving poor reviews for a totally separate business. You can start the process by flagging them for review. More info here. As covered in the help section, after a few days if you are still seeing these reviews, you can request a call back from support for possible help. It sounds like some of these reviews are obviously in violation of the guidelines, while others that don't refer to your specific location may be a little harder to convince Google that they are not actually yours.

Flag a review as inappropriate

If you find a review that you believe violates Google review policies, click Flag as inappropriate next to the review. The review will be assessed and possibly removed from your listing. Please don't contact support immediately after flagging a review—it takes a few days for the review to be assessed.

Don't flag reviews that you don't like but are still factually accurate. Only flag reviews that violate Google policies. Google doesn't get involved when merchants and customers disagree about facts, since there's no reliable way to discern who's right about a particular customer experience.


Hope this helps!


Re: Getting reviews for another restaraunt

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Thank Meghan,

I went ahead and flagged all those reviews. Hopefully this works.

- Jason