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Getting business on the right side of a google search

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I tried to register my business and Google said they need to send a letter to my office to verify my address.  It's been about a month and no letter.  Does anyone know how long this takes or who I can speak to to get my business verified?


Thank you!



Getting business on the right side of a google search

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Hi Lisa, 


the postcard actually only works within one month of the day you requested it to be sent. Even if it arrived now, it wouldn't work anymore anyway. 

Here's what you should do: start by requesting another one. If you have an employee that sorts the mail, make sure you let them know you'll be expecting a postcard. Google shows you a picture of what the postcard looks like when you request it, you can show them that picture if you'd like to make extra sure. Getting that postcard will be the easiest way to get verified. 

Next, wait. If it arrives, great. If not, after 14 days contact Google support and let them know your situation. They'll provide with an alternative option. 

You can contact Google support either by phone, or on Twitter.

As a side note, after requesting another postcard, it's important not to make any changes to your Google listing until after you've verified with the postcard. If you make any changes before then, it will invalidate the postcard. It's not written anywhere clearly, so I like giving that warning when talking about the postcard. 

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Re: Getting business on the right side of a google search

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Thank you so much!

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