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GMB - Multiple Businesses at the same address.

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Good Morning, 

One of our clients is a well known HVAC company in their area. They've purchased another well known HVAC company. They've chosen to keep the businesses separate at this time because many people search for the smaller business by name and have been using them for years. They are managing the calls and business from the same location for both businesses. They are both service area businesses.


This is the smaller company acquired by Griffith Energy Services:,+Inc./@38.8956477,-77.4483314,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0...

This is Griffith - The larger company who purchased Jones Rogers,+Inc./@38.8063277,-77.5156074,15z/data=!4...


They have the same phone number, address, and though they have separate websites listed. Jones Rogers redirects to Griffith Energy Services. 


We want to identify Jones Rogers as a division of Griffith Energy Services so we can fully merge them once people are familiar with Griffith. 


Any advice on how to achieve this while staying within the business name guidelines?



1. Griffith Energy Services / Jones Rogers 
2. 10376 Battleview Pkwy, Manassas, VA 20109
3.(888) 721-5707
4. Google+ URL
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GMB - Multiple Businesses at the same address.

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You are in violation of Google Terms by redirecting the website. I would immediately change that URL on the Google My Business Listing to be the destination page ( ) for Jones Rogers, Inc.


Also, please remove the Inc from the business listing as well. 


For Griffith Energy Services, Inc., remove the Inc.


Overall, I would say you have a fairly great chance of being suspended entirely. 


The phone number and address should be different, consider changing the phone number and adding a suite number to the address on one of the, (using #NNN for the suite number).


If you get suspended you will need to produce a business license that reflects your Business name and address.

Ben Fisher, Google My Business Top Contributor
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