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Fixing one 1-star review situation

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This is a question about how to resolve a problematic Google My Business review situation for my AdWords PPC campaign client.

He is imho one of the nicest, most well regarded criminal defense attorneys in a major US city and he has developed this chronic GMB problem recently:


- Having never focused on his GMB listing, he only had one review and it is very bad, giving him a one-star on GMB.

- The disgruntled person who left the review was never even his client, and has become sort of an online stalker.

- This was never a problem until Google's recent policy change that a minimum of five reviews were required, before they would show a star rating (about 90 days back).

- I have spoken to Google support on three occasions about this, and the only recommendation i could get was "get more reviews".

- The attorney's clients do not want to leave reviews in their own name, because they are criminal case defendants.

- I also spoke to experts in online reviews, one pointed out to me that Google allows those with bona fide Google accounts to create alias identities, and post reviews under an alias name.

- We persuaded two of his former clients to post reviews this legit way, using alias and his rating rose to 3 stars. However, Google washed those reviews out after a few weeks, and he is back to one star.


So my question is, is there something I am missing? Is there some other way to resolve this problem?


It seems that Google's new policy of showing review stars, even if there aren't a few reviews, is going to really hurt people in certain business sectors,

where the clients do not want to "go public" with their identity. I have seen the same thing with a rehab industry client.


Any suggestions on something i may have missed, or that i could do to resolve this GMB issue would be appreciated!




Steve B.