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Fake Reviews

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I am currently faced with a likely difficult task and not one I am acquainted with. I am turning to this community and asking for any advice during the possible need to remove as much as 75% of the respective Google My Business listings, overall reviews…


NOTE: I am very well aware that Google takes reviews very seriously. And I personally see a strong interest in the “reviewer” of a respective comment to be one of Googles going concerns. 


That is why I commonly review the reviews linked to any respective website.


OK, Here is where I am hoping to receive some help and some of the important events leading up to my request for help.


  1. Discovered more than 75% of the reviews associated with a clients "GMB" listing, needed further study.
  2. Concerns warranted. After reviewing all the reviews, I was unable to rule any out as possibly Fake.
  3. Contacted the client and ask they consider each review and then try and provide me with any information supporting a respective review as legitimate.
  4. The next step, still pending, is to then post in a respective “comment reply” any identity supporting content. (i.e. Thank you for your kind comments. We hope to see “ABC COMPANY” again soon.) My thought is to directly connect a review as a possible “Fake” to it’s un-questionable source and authorship.


“Pulling the Teeth Before They Bite”


Without out a doubt, I am prepared to (correctly) remove any reviews that will be found “Fake”.


My question?


NOTE: This client can currently be found on the first page in the “GSB Local Listings”.

What do you think, (if anything) will happen when as much as 75%  of this “GMB” listing’s are removed?

I liken the task ahead very similar to that of a “toxic link removal” when 90% of the in-bound links need to be removed. Simply, necessary.


Thanks for any help with this.

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Re: Fake Reviews

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I'm not sure what your task or goal is about:
to delete listings (due to some or many bad or fake reviews they got)
to delete reviews

Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile

Re: Fake Reviews

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Hello +Helmut Geissler,

As described I am 99.99% sure that a respective GSB listing will soon prove to have several FAKE reviews.

In my preparation to review the best path to remove a FAKE review, (possibly n this case the lions share of reviews maybe found as fake)

I know my client will have much more confidence in this decision if I have reviewed possible effects. (Like a doctor explaining the procedure with the included "IT IS GONNA HURT")

This is why I must ask what to expect.

Will the removal of 75% of a GSB listings review have an affect on this listing?

And, is the RED FLAG removal that I am now aware of the best method of a REVIEW REMOVAL.

Thank you for your consideration.

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Re: Fake Reviews

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I neither know for sure what you refer to as a "GSB listing" nor do I have a clue about what GoogleMyBusiness listing yoy are talking about.

Please include the following with your question:
1. Full business name
2. Current business address
3. Current telephone number
4. Google+ URL

Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile

Re: Fake Reviews

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Sorry, I am uncomfortable sharing that information in an open forum. (This is a fairly new client of ours)

This is a work in progress and I already know that there are several reviews that will need removing.

I only wanted to know if others could share if I need to prepare this client for any pain related to rankings during the removal process. ( i.e. commonly referred to as "GOOGLE PLUS", GOOGLE MY BUSINESS, LOCAL MAPS, SNACK PACK" listing (Sorry, not GSB)

I will consider this a closed thread. Thank you +Helmut Geissler

Re: Fake Reviews

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