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Fairgrounds Cant set seasonal hours. Only open 1 year a year

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I am the designer and manager for online presence for our fair. We get over 100 thousands guest the week of the fair however we want to publish our Hours with google. Our only problem is that we cant add the hours without it making look like we are open everyday. 


We are only open 1 week of the year. Is there any way to reflect this on our google business posting?





Fairgrounds Cant set seasonal hours. Only open 1 year a year

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You have the option of adding the hours, but then marking the business as closed 51 weeks a year.  Some do not like this as it currently reads "Permanently Closed" on the map; but if you're confident that people will understand you are still opening during the actual fair then it would be the best method.


Just to let you know, the rules that everyone else uses to edit the map state that your business should be closed during the off season, so it will likely end up marked that way in any case.

Fairgrounds Cant set seasonal hours. Only open 1 year a year

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@David W
the posts feature still works on closed listings

that is the work around i use for bussinesses that are either seasonally closed or currently under repair
i put up new posts every 5 or 6 days typically
(so even though the listing says permanently closed - additional information is available to most of the searchers with an explanation of sorts)

formerly there was a seasonal closing feature but that no longer exists in google my business.

the special hours functionality should also work for your use case as per some of the documentation but in practice there is a bug effecting closings over a few days (anytime 7 contiguous days are closed in a row - the listing can appear to be open with no hours set)

there are many reasons why having a seasonal business show as permanently closed is bad
but as of current there is no other option

i manage 2 seperate listings that close for up to 3 weeks in a row during the year
so the special hours 7 day close bug is a real problem for me

my previous post that was perhaps better explained appears to have been deleted inappropriately