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Effects of inconsistent citations due to hidden / non-hidden addresses

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In the process of building local citations, it's the case that some sites, like Google+, allow you (actually, require you) to hide your street address if you are a service area business, whereas others require you to display your street address (or, what is the same, do not give you the ability to hide it). This leads to inconsistent listings across directories, which is supposed to be a bad thing, but which is unavoidable, unless a service area business such as my own is willing to limit their local citations to the few sites that offer the equivalent of Google's "I deliver goods and services to my customers at their location" checkbox. Does anyone have any insight as to whether this situation harms your SEO standing with Google? If so, is there any remedy?

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January 2016

Re: Effects of inconsistent citations due to hidden / non-hidden addre

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Hi Chuck, whether or not the site displays the address will not impact the consistency of the citation profile. As long as the address you are inputting is always the same you will be fine.

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Re: Effects of inconsistent citations due to hidden / non-hidden addre

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Thanks a lot Colan, that's reassuring, because there really is no way around it that I can see.

What concerned me was this report from Express Update: :

It flags all the hidden addresses as "errors" that need to be "fixed," i.e., business profile "mismatches."