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Duplicate Google+ pages for business?

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I manage our business page in Google+, and today claimed ownership of the address that floating around in Google Maps, in order to fix the address and attach it to our official page. This created a new Google+ page which is now verified and has all the correct information in it. However, I just noticed that we have another Google+ page that was previously created when we started a YouTube page. 


Instead of two pages, it would seem to me that we should combine the two into one. Is this possible, and if so, what should I do? Tried looking around and found similar threads, but nothing exactly seemed to answer the question. Here's a screenshot of the accounts as they appear on my account:




Moreover, I should add that there's a help page that seems to discuss the same issue, but I haven't been able to use the instructions provided in it:


Also, I should add that the YouTube page has one video and several visits etc. history on it, while the other Google+ page doesn't have anything like this on it yet (it was just created today), so preferably the page with the YouTube on it should be the one we use.

Re: Duplicate Google+ pages for business?

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I've had a similar problem, I've got two copies of the same address listing - one verified and the other isn't. The instructions say I should get the option to "remove address" but all I get is "resolve address". Surely it shouldn't be this hard?!