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Duplicate Address/Resolve address errors

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I manage 3 businesses on Google My Business which all operate from the same address.


When I look at the list of businesses I manage, 1 of these businesses shows no errors, whilst the other 2 addresses show  "duplicate addresses"


There is a button which says "resolve address" but it doesn't seem to give me any solution.


The reason 1 of the businesses is not a duplicate is that the address is written "29 Liberty Street" whereas the other two are "29 Liberty St"


- Are these duplicate address errors causing me a problem, in terms of visibility or SEO? - If so, what is the best way to resolve this?


- Also, is it a problem that one address uses "liberty street" and the others use "liberty st" ?


The  3 businesses are all completely different, with different names, business category, telephone number, and website - they just all operate from the same address.


Any help much appreciated.



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Re: Duplicate Address/Resolve address errors

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Hi Sam
Just a question to understand you have in fact three businesses?
would you confrim paying three different tax bills please (each for each of your supposed businesses)
And about your phone number(s) do you have three different phone numbers or just one?
Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile

Re: Duplicate Address/Resolve address errors

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It also depends what industry and who's answering the phone and providing the service.

If the industries are related and it's all you or all the same staff, then Google usually sees it as one business tjhat is simply trying to market different products or services. So only one listing would be allowed.

Doesn't matter how many sites and biz names you have. All that matters is the rule - one business listing per physical location. (Except in certain situations.)

Re: Duplicate Address/Resolve address errors

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Yes 3 separate registered businesses with different business names,
telephone numbers etc... the only thing all 3 share is the address.

Re: Duplicate Address/Resolve address errors

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Thanks for the reply

"Except in certain situations"

What situations would they be? - Why does it depend what industry?

They are 3 completely separate registered businesses all operating from the
same address - surely this isn't that uncommon?

Also, I don't think Google is 'not allowing' the businesses - as all 3 show
up on google maps when searched for individually - I'm just wondering if
the fact that it says 'duplicate address' in the business manager is a
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Re: Duplicate Address/Resolve address errors

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Helmut and Linda are just trying to make sure your three business listings are all kosher. To answer your original question though, that warning is there for the sake of businesses with a ton of locations. Makes it easy at a glance to see if you accidentally copied an address twice when doing a bulk upload or something. Less important with only three locations since you're unlikely to make a mistake when doing them manually, but either way, Google's just letting you know that yes, they do indeed have the same addresses. It's safe to ignore that.

As far as whether it gets rankings in general to have three businessest at one location, you're right, there's many instances where that's just fine. In some cases though (if they're all in the same industry) you could still run into problems, but that duplicate address warning isn't something to worry about either way.
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