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Hi all,

I would just like to know, when I am listing my business on Google business I am requested to give a Category that my business fits. I know that selecting the correct one is also very important as to ratings and being found correctly.

What I would like to know is under which category would I list my business if my business contains, Catering Equipment, Household Equipment, and Outdoor Equipment?


My website is busy being completed. 


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Hi @Dylan R


You are on the right track. 

Though, nobody knows your business as well as you do, so you would probably be the best person to know :)


There's no magic solution, but here are some thoughts:


  • From Google (emphasis added): "Categories describe what your business is, not what it does or sells."
  • Try to think which of the available categories best represent your business and the main content of your website overall.
  • Try some Google searches for the categories you are considering. What other businesses come up in search results? Which ones are most similar/relevant to yours?

 You could also add 2-3 categories if there is no single category that 'says it all'.


I hope this helps.



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Hi @Mark W


I would really like to thank you for your assistance in this matter. 
Could you assist just a bit further, when selecting a category I see no option to further select another? I have looked and am unable to select another one. 

Re: DrCater

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A quick search about Category seems to refer to a Primary Category.

I have been looking at a Post here about not showing in search. I their case the ''çategory'' in the business name was different to the one they chose.

When I used suggest an edit to see what the options were it only allowed one Category to be entered. In their case there was another suitable Category in the list they could change to.

They had another offering in the name. Because Google takes that into account using the current Category, not in the name, and the other offering in the name got them to 4th in search.

If you can only enter one category then in the description write a sensible sentence linking the Primary Category to any subsidiary ones. Google got late into the Semantic Web concept.

"We offer a design service prior to the construction of your building project.. We are a local independent contractor and have been in the building trade for nn years''.


Hope that helps.

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In addition to what @Andrew H has said and to summarise a bit:


If only one category is available, then be descriptive in other info areas that are available.

In short: use the space you have wisely :) (but don't be spammy or over-use/repeat keywords).


In any case it is always good practice to fill out all sections of online business profiles as completely and consistently as possible.

Add descriptions, list your services etc. where and when you are able to do so.

This helps Google (and any other search engines) 'join the dots' and form an accurate overall idea of your business. Things aren't usually black-and-white in the world of search engines.


Best of luck.