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Does anybody know how to make my page load faster?

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Hi, I wanna  make my web page faster, but have no idea to do. I've tested it on mobile website speed testing tool of google, and got advice- to compress all of pictures on my website. After I finished compression, found it's not obviously faster. So, does anyone has another idea?? Please help!

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Re: Does anybody know how to make my page load faster?

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Hi @april c,


There are many reasons why your site can load slow, and it takes a lot of time to properly determine the causes and come up with the best solutions. 


1) Server. Start here in finding out if you host your site on a quality server, ideally a dedicated server. If your site is on a shared server, it shares the resources with everyone on it. Talk to your host provider and ask for a performance hosting package, with a dedicated IP address, at least, and preferably a dedicated server.  

2) Website. If you have a WordPress website, the theme and plugins all determine the speed in which everything loads and assembles. A WordPress site is multiple chunks of technology that are assembled like a puzzle to make a whole. It is critical that all the plugins, theme and the hosting server are all modern and optimized for speed. The fewer the plugins the better and always research every plugin you use and make sure they are well-crafted and modern. 

3) Website Structure. You will want to have a well-coded site that id not heavy on HTTP requests, enables browser caching, has CSS written correctly and minimized, and your above-the-fold content prioritized.

4) You could consider adding a CDN (content delivery network) to feed your content to visitors. Do a Google search for this term and read up. Keep in mind that there are some great things and some not-so-great things about employing a CDN. The worse is that if their system is taken down via hackers, which do happen, your site will not be offline, too.

5) If you host on an Apache server, you can click a few settings in CPanel to optimize it.

6) Minify all resources.   

7) Optimize images, CSS and HTML.

8) Enable compression. 

9) Reduce/remove redirects. 


All of these will get your scores up. Just work on them as you can and do what you can without stressing too much. Not everything can be done to every website effectively. You can dig into your website via the free resources below. 


1) Visit Google Search Console.

2) Use the Google Developers Speed Test and work on fixing the issues so that your score is 89 or higher for both mobile & desktop.

3) Rerun the Google Speed Test but use this tool instead. Make sure you have a mobile score of 100.

4) Run your site through this SEO score checker.

5) Visit Google Analytics and setup your website.


Utilize the steps as they are outlined. Visit #1 and dig into your website actions with Google. Use #2 to bring your score up and get any optimized content to download & use. Complete everything and then go to #3. Complete everything and go to step #4. Now go to step #5 and dig into what is actually happening with visitors and your website.


Please let us know what you discover and enjoy the process.


King Regards,



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Re: Does anybody know how to make my page load faster?

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Thank you, James! I'll try them.