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Displaying business in Google search

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Hello, I recently created a website for my business, using Shopify, but I also have a retail shop. I submitted all the details and verified it through Google, I was wondering how I can get my business to show up in the search on Google?


At the moment, it comes up when you type the business name AND the location, however I also supply multiple shops throughout the UK so would like if possible for my business to show up when just the company name is typed in. 


It shows up when typing Black Gold Greeting Cards Brixton, I would like it to show up for just Black Gold Greeting Cards and/or Black Greeting Cards


Is there any way I can make this happen or will it happen naturally after time?


Thanks for any help in advance.

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Displaying business in Google search

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Hi Bill


There are many factors that go into displaying the Knowledge Panel on the right hand side of a search result screen (I'm assuming that is what you'd like displayed when people search for your business name) and one of them is trust.


Google develops trust in your business through time - so yes, waiting will help - and signals from other areas that your business exists as a reputable business. I noticed that your physical business is not listed on any directories before page 3 of results for "Black Gold Greeting Cards" and your own website is listed on page 2 for that phrase.


I'd really recommend getting your local, physical shop listed on directories (there's a great list here: and having a chat to your web developer as to why your own website doesn't show up in page 1 for your business name.


Whilst I can't guarantee that this will automatically cause your KP to appear, it will help Google build trust in you and your business.


Priya Chandra, Google My Business Top Contributor
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