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Different profiles, brand, personal, google profile

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I am confused as to which profile is which anymore. Seems I started with a google profile and then came google plus so I have that profile. Then I created a brand page which has it's profile. Can anyone explain what my profiles are? Do I need to delete one?

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Re: Different profiles, brand, personal, google profile

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Hi Ronald

A google profile is important for accessing your google resources - eg gmail, google plus, maps, etc.

This page is your own personal G+ page, you've put company branding on the cover image, but it's in your name so it would more likely be the kind of page you might use for yourself rather than your company.

This page is a company brand page - this works for serving communities and is best suited for online businesses that are ineligible for local pages.

This page may be the 3rd page in your image, but gives me a page not found if I try to access it.

If that 3rd page has a URL you can access, you can post it here and one of us can have a look.

If you want to manage the number of pages you have, this should help:

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Re: Different profiles, brand, personal, google profile

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Thanks for getting back but I got a clarification earlier and deleted that second business brand profile. (deleting profile is hard because you cannot get it back if pick the wrong one)

For those who may be confused you may have three profiles as I was using:

1. A google profile (just for maps, google doc as Margaret C above has said.

2. Your own personal G+ page (this gives you communities, circles you can interconnect)

3. a company brand page (separate from your personal G+page)

4. I created a second brand page which was confusing me.

Thanks for getting back and helping with this.