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Departments and shared services

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Hi There,

I have a business called (let’s say ‘X’) I am going to start new business (Let’s say ‘Y’) at the same building but this new business is fully separated from the main business, it means, it has a separate customer entrance (Main business down stare new business up stare).

I have a website for existing business and I am going to create a new web site for the new business.

I went through all the points mentioned in Google

The following line from above article is what I am referring here

“Typically such departments have a separate customer entrance and should each have distinct categories. Their hours may sometimes differ from those of the main business.”

I am planning to make business ‘Y’ a sub department of business ‘X’. Are there any SEO disadvantage with this structure? A part of the main business name also will be shared with each other (e.g “Main business” department “Main business department name”) but the categories will be different because the main business and the department provide totally different services.

The main business is somewhat famous on internet. I do not need to decrease the traffic on my main business by using the same name of main business as part of department name. However, when I use a part of the main business name in my department name some traffic may redirect to the department as well.

Please assist me with SEO recommendations.

Also, there is a one service in business ‘Y’ which is a sub service provided by ‘X’ too.

Is it ok to link business ‘Y’ webpage to business ‘X’ web page for that service only? I am worrying about the local search and the backlinks are on same shared server.


Many Thanks,


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November 2015

Re: Departments and shared services

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Hi @Chathuraka M


When you started out explaining the senario, it all seemed fine and looked to be a separate business.


If they are indeed separate businesses, it would make sense to have a separate website. This would make sense to customers and online searchers.


However if it is simply a separate "service" provided by the main businesses then this is still 1 businesses and not 2. In this case it would make sense to provide on one site and not to have another Google local business page as this would be against guidelines.





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