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Deleting duplicate google+ brand pages

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I have duplicate Google+ brand pages for my business.

I would like to delete the duplicate google+ pages, but I'm afraid that this will also delete the original Google+ page I have.

How can I make sure that i will be deleting only the duplicate pages and not the original Google+ page for my business?


Business name: Garage Door Cowboys

Current business address: 

700 Lavaca St #1400, Austin, Texas 78701
(512) 686-5849
The duplicate pages URL: 
The original page I would like to keep:
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Deleting duplicate google+ brand pages

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@liron p So you know we cannot view anything that is a listing, that is private to you and other managers and owners. lease provide screenshots of you GMB dashboard. 


You can safely delete any unverified (non-published listings). If the business in question is a local listing, you may want to check for any reviews first. If two listings are of the same address/name/number and both have reviews, then you will want Google to merge them. 


Ben Fisher, Google My Business Top Contributor
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Re: Deleting duplicate google brand pages

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Hi Ben,

Hi @Ben Fisher


Thanks for replying.

This is the screenshot of the original GMB dashboard (the page that I would
like to *keep*):

2. This is a screens shot of a *duplicate *GMB page, which I would like to
delete (it's under a different user):

*2. Duplicate page*

3. This is another duplicated page of the brand, which I would like to

*How can I delete the duplicate pages, without hurting or deleting the
original page?*

Deleting duplicate google+ brand pages

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Hi Mr. Fisher:


I have a similar problem. My question is if I delete a duplicate brand page that has the same name as the original page will this action have any affect on the original brand page?  In Google +My Darling Theo Foundation ( the page I want to retain has a brown and white tabby cat ) the second brand page has a picture of my late cat Genevieve ( a orange long haired cat ). Because there are only a couple of posts on Genevieve's page I can easily move them to the other page but do not want the original page ( with the brown tabby negatively impacted? ).

Best Regards,

Alyssia Alexandria Founder MyTheo Darling