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Delete Google Business, delete reviews

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for a friend i need to take a look at his business google account (btw, i am not a webmaster/pro i am just someone who knows a bit about computers), because he has bad reviews, and google wont do anything about it. and those reviews are not legit, but they are written in a manner that makes them ok for google.

so my idea was to delete the account, and start a new one... because he has not much in that current account anyway. i know this may not be good practice, but what can you do?

when deleting a google business account, will it also delete the company from listing and its reviews?

also, is it the option on the upper left for the google+ account at the bussiness page, where you delete it?

thanks for infos.

maybe someone has a better idea.


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Re: Delete Google Business, delete reviews

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never mind!


Deleting a page will not prevent to show the business and its reviews on Goolge

Deleting a page from users dashboard will only tell Google: "I don't any more manage this listing".


Google will change its URL and it will resurrect under an other URL with the same content as a unclaimed listing

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Re: Delete Google Business, delete reviews

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There's word of a class action lawsuit coming up against Google, here in Canada. The problem is that they are providing a medium for people to slander businesses, without any warrant for such slander, and yet do not provide any means to remove, or even monitor and control such behaviour. Small businesses are suffering greatly because of unfounded slanderous reviews, and yet Google does not allow the person or business being slandered any control over this. It apparently violates several commerce regulations, according to an attorney I spoke with. The worse thing is that Google clearly states in their policies that such activity is prohibited, but then refuses to enforce it, or even provide an option for victims to even flag the review and/or escalate it to Google for review and removal. Anyone can totally slam a company and make completely false allegations, which, in turn, has a detrimental impact on that company's sales, and the poor, honest business owner can do nothing about it. He/she can't even delete his business information from Google's servers, or prevent Google from displaying information about his/her's company on the internet, even false and hurtful slanderous information. Which, from what I was told, also violates certain privacy laws.