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Customer Review average score killing new business

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Hi all! any input on problem welcome and appreciated!

I run car body shop business, made website and started "appearing" on-line and social media. all including website done @ sleepless nights.. all done very hard! but long term plan was- it will pay off... BUT...- GOOGLE RUINED ALL DREAMS!

Appears to be that google rating us (businesses) their way.. thinking that: "one day we might get bad review, so we will give it to you now"


We had 4 ratings and all was fine, no stars shown but at least all 4 good reviews if customers want to find out. now we got 5 reviews and big flashing 4.7 stars review- telling potential customers from distance that this place is not doing well as no 5star rating.

Now main thing/issue: we are car body shop, not web based store/business. So, for us to get review on-line we literally have to beg for it as customers only look for location/contacts for this sort of business what means as soon as they see potentially bad review, they will not waste time clicking on potential bad reputation place and go for the one that got no review or only 4 non highlighted..

And,- we are loosing customers..

So what is the point of this sleepless nights if google ruins it all after 6 months.

I could go on and on with examples and facts but... I think google taking it too far by rating our future?life? instead of helping new businesses..

if they so clever predicting- they should send me email and advise when they think I should give up with my business..

Same as if teacher would rate child "bad" just because he only just started school..

I think I will give up on google and beg my customers not to leave review on google and go to any other sites/media..(but first- I will have to find customers that left review and ask at least on of them to delete review, and explain that their 5 star review ruining my business.

Simple rule- if you see bad rating you will not go there, if you see no rating, you might look in to it.. and if i have 5 reviews and 4.7 shining from far, not a good sign.. if there is 5 competitors next to you with 3-4 reviews and to find out the score you need to click on them..once you clicked guess where you will call..

Thanks google.. thought you should make our life easier and better..


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Re: Customer Review average score killing new business

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I don't know why there is only 4.7 stars but...
As a consumer and would be FAR less likely to trust a perfect 5 score on a business. 4.7 stars looks very attractive to me and I would put money down that it does not in fact scare away consumers. Perfect ratings spell of a rat.

I don't say that to defend Google, I say it because 4.7 is truly impressive, cheers!
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January 2017

Re: Customer Review average score killing new business

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@Ad M & @Rick B


they (google) don't calculate the score as an arthmetical average as you learned it in school but based on bayesian statistics.


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