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Custom URL

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Please kindly look at this issue


"You’ll see the customised URL that you’ve been approved for, which you aren’t able to change. You may also need to add a few letters or numbers to make it unique to you."


Now I only want to use the already approved URL but it wont save. It keeps showing red that I still have to add an alphabet but I dont want to. I like the one already there

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January 2016

Re: Custom URL

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Hi @Instructius


The term 'custom url' is a bit misleading as you can't really select what goes into the URL - that is determined by Google's algorithm. As you've seen, this can sometimes mean you need to add numbers and/or letters to the URL.


If you don't like what's being offered then you can only decline and wait for a (hopefully) better offer.



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Re: Custom URL

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How can I decline the offered URL? Thank you

Re: Custom URL

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Please start your own thread, Mister T
This allows us to keep the forum organized and gives you the attention you need.
This ( ) is our top level Community--from there, you can click into the board title that is most applicable for your issue. Once you're in an individual board, you can click on the red/pink + sign in the lower right corner of the screen to start a new topic.
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