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Confused about Review Guidelines

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Hi all,

I work in the marketing department for my company and I'm responsible for providing recommendations for review solicitation when our employees ask about it. In general, I tell them to use messaging that promotes customers to go to their Yelp! or Google pages, but does NOT use language that specifically asks for reviews. I'm basing this recommendation on the guidelines set forth by both Yelp! and Google.

The thing that confuses me is I see companies not adhering to these guidelines ALL the time. I’ll get a competitor’s newsletter and it requests people leave them reviews. I’ll be at a restaurant and see signs hanging up asking customers to leave them a review on Yelp. In the most case, my boss forwarded me a screen grab from his phone in which an urgent care clinic sent him a text requesting a review with a linking going directly to their Google+ review page. Here is a copy of the image.

My hunch is that a lot of these companies simply are naive to the guidelines. It’s hard for me imagine that a lot of the companies are familiar with the guidelines and intentionally deciding to bend the rules.

At the same time, enforcement of review solicitation (specifically Google) seems to be so relaxed that not much is being done to counteract it. This obviously puts companies like ours at a disadvantage because we try to market within the policies.

My question is this – Based on your observations and experience in the field, am I being too conservative and/or cautious with my current recommendations that I’m giving? I’m not suggesting that I’m going to request our staff to start setting up review booths or anything near that extreme. The level of talking about is using language to say “please review us” instead of “visit our page.”

Thanks in advance for your help!

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November 2016

Re: Confused about Review Guidelines

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Hi @Josh F


Google does not have any issue with you asking customers to leave a review.


What you can't do is "offer an incentive" or have a review station in store.


That image you posted is perfectly acceptable to send to customers or have on your website.



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Confused about Review Guidelines

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Thanks Tim! Appreciate the quick response.

Confused about Review Guidelines

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Unknown people / competitors  putting bad reviews about us how do we rectify this.