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Completely Lost

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Help. I'm completely lost. I have 2 business which are verified but for which I've never been able to create an Adwords account for. (Although Google says I have - it keeps changing the email address to a GMAIL one when I try to go to it.)

I got a mail offering first time Adwords offer. I seemed to have to create it all again. I uploaded the existing locations (as it requested) and now I seem to have 2 sets of the same locations, one verified ( at, and the other not (at It still says I don't have an Adwords account associated with this account.


I've been trying to get Adwords going for over 10 years now. I need someone to check out what I actually have set up within the system, because I'm lost.

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Re: Completely Lost

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Hi @Dalgety Bay H


Those two URL's are for your own dashboard and cannot be viewed.


Do you have the listing URL's or please provide the business and location, so I can find them.


1) Are both locations in the same account ?

2) If you go to AdWords and sign in ( ) with the account details for the listings, what happens?



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Completely Lost

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Hi Tim, Thanks for responding.

I have 2 separate businesses that I run from the same location: 2 Crowhill Rd, Dunfermline, GB.

Both the set of 'Verified & Published' locations and the set of 'Not Published & Unverified' locations share the same information, including store codes. (I was, of course prompted to upload the CSV file with this information.)

My website URLs are and .

I've tried all sorts of ways but I don't know how to find the Listings URLs.

The site names are (a) Dalgety Bay Hypnotherapy (Fife) (, and (b) Weight Loss Hypnotherapy in Fife (

If I click on it opens an account under Customer ID 172-285-6278.

Adwords shows the existence of a campaign "Campaign #1" for £0.05 per day, which has no clicks, payments or history, etc. (I didn't know this existed, and there are no dates anywhere. I suspect it may have been from a previous aborted attempt to set this up.) If I open the campaign, there's a message in the Ad Group: "You don't have any enabled or paused ad groups in this campaign. Click "+ Ad group" above to create one".

Historically, Google used to create new locations based, I think, upon searches through (It's common with Yell to use a different phone number for tracking purposes, leading to this confusion.) Google would then send me notifications to claim these 'new' locations and claim special offers, which, of course, I did. I have recently removed the spurious locations.)

I must have had a hundred Adwords offers, but I have not ever been able to use them.