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Client Business incorrectly setup as G+ Brand Page -- Needs to be G+ Business pge

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I have a client that incorrectly setup their business as a Brand page, when in reality it needs to be listed as a G+ Business Page -- they have two physical locations in Texas where they sell inventory from, so I need to get them showing up on maps.


I tried to just create a new Google+ Business page but as soon as I entered the address it says the listing is already verified. I looked around online but was unable to find anything about how to switch this "google my business" page from a Brand page to an actual Business page.


Here is the G+ profile for the business (Brand) page:


Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Kasey Burke

Burke Business Partners


Re: Client Business incorrectly setup as G+ Brand Page -- Needs to be G+ Business pge

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Having a brand page wouldn't interfere with you making a local business page. You can merge a band page into a local business page, but seeing as how the brand page only has 1 follower it's just as useful to delete it. It doesn't really matter. If you do decide you want to merge later, you can follow these instructions.

The bigger issue, looks like there's already a verified GMB page for one of the two locations, at 6125 Nordling Rd Houston, TX 77076. The listing is here

If the client can't remember the login to that account, you'll have to regain control by following these steps. (Down below at can't contact listing owner). The whole process will take a week or two, so if time's important than the client will need to remember who might have claimed the listing and get it from them, there's no other way to speed it up. 

You should be able to make a listing right now for the second location though, I couldn't find any other listings that might interfere aside from that one. 

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