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Our listing keeps being marked as permanently closed. If I login to the account this will NOT be displayed. 

Please help with this issue. It may be a competitor that marks the listing as permanently closes. This is hurting our business obviously. 

ClearCaps Onzichtbare Beugel
Dorpsstraat 36, 1182 Amstelveen, Netherlands
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@jesse b


you are not decribing the facts correctly.

The information you refers too appears on Mobile devices only if searching the business and it clearly says like this:

"Some suggested this business would be closed" 

It doesn't say the business is closed.

Anybody seeing the message is free to react like I did:


I hit the reply option and hit "its open"


Other users and oyu should do it as well.


Note: there is no proof the suggestion came from a competitor.

It can be a mistake of any user or form a user mistakenly recognizing your business as closed..


All such suggestions of users for any bsuiness will displayed for the public on Mobiles in the same manner.

Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile

Re: ClearCaps

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Dear Helmut-

Thanks for your reply on our issue. In Dutch (we are located in
Netherlands), the message says:

"A user has proposed this status: Permanently closed"

So it does suggest that the business is permanently closed (but it
obviously is not). Why would someone on Google select this message to be
displayed? How would they know better than the business itself that it
could be permanently closed?

I cannot think of a reason other that hurt our business. Especially
since everytime I deselect the message, it will be displayed soon after.
Of course when people search the company name and see this message
displayed they will be at least a bit alarmed.

Is there another way to get rid of this message?


Re: ClearCaps

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@jesse b


it's google priciple to let everybody make any suggestions regarding any listing - regardless its a verified or unverified listing.


Now and in your case anybody suggested you would be "permanently closed"


Now and only on a mobiled (and likely supposing Mobile users can more easy approve the actuala status) the publlish beside of your listing this message "A user has proposed this status: Permanently closed" - gathereing at the same time the opinion of other users about this to approve the proposal or to deny it.


Its a win win game in their eyes.

If many user will contradict the bloody proposal - they wont accept the proposal.

In case many more users respond "Yes its closed" they will mark very likely the listing as permanently closed then.

Now it isn't yet marked as closed.

Its marked as "someone told us the listing is closed" - they (Google) do not say more or less.


And nope - I don't know any method to get rid of the message  

"A user has proposed this status: Permanently closed"

Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile