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Classic View is defaulting even though I switch to new version

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Both of my business pages lately are reverting back to the classic version and then I click the go to the new version I get a quick error message flash on top saying there's a problem processing request and then it switches to new version anyways.

But, leave Google + and come back and it's back to old version again. Normal or not? Thx!

Here is Lifestages:

And Watkins:

Another thing...So I switch users (for example, I switch from Tamara in the top right corner to Lifestages and it opens the Lifestages link but still shows my personal page. I have to hit the grid next to my icon on the top right and then click on the google page icon to actually open the google page. I'm assuming this means when I click from Tamara into Lifestages it  means I'm 'posting as' but man it sure would be nice to have 1 click options to just go right to your pages!


I hate Facebook but I did love just clicking and going right to my pages! Regardless, I will get used to Google + and do extra clicks if I have to...I am done with FB!  :)

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Re: Classic View is defaulting even though I switch to new version

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@Tamara L

Not too sure on your first issue, that usually happens when you have multiple profiles (or brand pages open) and the sessions get confused. 


Regarding the second question. You are correct, that profile icon allows you to switch to different account that you are "acting" as, no matter where you are.


This makes logical sense since Google does not know your intent when you switch accounts. 




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Classic View is defaulting even though I switch to new version

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Thanks solution yet. I even tried clearing cache and using Google Chrome instead of Firefox but it does same thing. I open business page, switch to new version of google...all is good. close browser out. Re-open and BAM old version is back. No matter clearing cache of not or what browser I use....strange. Just a pain to keep switching back and forth. This just started happening, was working fine for a couple weeks and just the last 2 days it started reverting back to old version all the time. Oh well, thanks anyways!