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I have now been trying for over 3 weeks to sort out our Google My Business listing.

Initially, our business name had been claimed by another person, so I addressed that by requesting the business name be released by the other party.

That was successful and the business name is now ready to be claimed by the real business owners, my husband and I [I administer all things related to the business].

The problem now is that the system won't allow me to claim the listing or to set up a new listing.

When I go to Google My Business and click on 'Start Now' I am taken to a list of my accounts and asked to sign in.  After signing in, the world map appears with the box on the left side to enter the business details.  I start to type in the business name and before I can finish typing the business name or click on our business name as it shows on the screen, my screen is re-directed to Google Help.

I have tried to claim the listing via the 'Start Now' button on the Google My Business page : I have tried to claim the business by clicking on 'Sign In' : I have tried to claim the business by searching for it and clicking on 'Own the business?' : I have tried to claim the business from the 'Get on Google' page : I have even tried to get into the listing via 'Suggest an edit'.

Every time I get to the page showing the world map and where you would enter the details of your business, I am re-directed to Google Help before I am able to complete typing the business name or before I can click on the business name as it shows while I type.

I got onto the Help Chat people and chatted with Palak who told me to make a new listing but the same thing happens no matter what I try to do : I cannot get in to the business listing because I keep getting re-directed to Google Help.

The whole reason for this is that the current business listing shows the wrong business hours, but worse than that, it shows the wrong address for our business and customers are getting confused or going to our old location and thinking we have closed down, not moved.  When I chatted with Palak, he said that if I made a new listing, the old one would be moved across once the new one was verified.  That's all well and good, but I can't make a new listing,  nor can I make edits to the current listing : I can't access anything in Google My Business without being re-directed to Google Help, which, by the way, has not been any help at all, infact I would go so far as to say that Google Help is totally useless in this situation.

The business name is E-Cigarette International

The current [incorrect] address is 8 Caroline Street, Woody Point, Qld, 4019

The current phone number is 0414 791 055

The website address is

I don't know what the map reference is, but I did just try to claim the business via the listing shown in Google Maps and got the same result I've been getting from every other access point : re-direction to Google Help.

Posting on this forum should give you an indication of how desperate I am to get this thing sorted out as I have no faith in forums such as this at all.

You are my last resort to fix this.  

I am heartily sick of the whole thing and heartily sick of Google too ..... it's ridiculous that I am having so much trouble to perform such a simple task.

As I stated at the start of this post, I have been trying to resolve this for over 3 weeks : that's potentially a lot of customers lost because the information on Google is incorrect and I have no way of correcting it.  So what do I do now?

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@Sean R

based on this URL try this steps "how-to-verify-a-google-business-listing-at-an-old-address/":



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