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Changing Knowlege graph card for musician not business

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im a total newbie to this.

i am trying to update incorrect info for my own musician band


Almost all the information has to be corrected!

how do i do this?

many thanks



Re: Changing Knowlege graph card for musician not business

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The "Famous Entity" Knowledge Graph is based off of authoritative  links such as Wiki, IMDB etc.

1)  Make sure the wiki post is up to date with correct info. ( 

2) Make sure your Email  is associated with Google Webmaster Tools/ Search Console for your Official website Domain (see below).

3) Make sure the official website domain is using Structured Schema Data. ( see below)

4)  Use the "Feedback" Button under the result to indicate what is Incorrect, and provide the correct information with a LINK to prove it ( ie such as wiki page) where it is located. ( example below)



Eric Gehler ( Websearch Top Contributor) below article i wrote on topic same as above but with links and examples etc



The Famous Entity Knowledge graph


The Knowledge graph for Famous Entities is based off of information Google has collected from various authority sites.   There are several steps to fix the Famous Entity KG.


Fixing your Famous Entity KG


1)     1)   Identify the source of the incorrect data.  Fix it if possible. But could need those source data links for making your feedback request

The top sources of KG Data:
IMBD ( read only – cannot be edited)

2)    2)  If own or have access to an official website. It is important that the website is associated by your Google login account email address to the Google Webmaster Tools/ Search Console account.

Google Webmaster Tools / Search Console


Google Webmaster Tools / Search Console -  Help files - instructions


2.1) If own or have access to an official website you should add structured Data or Schema data to identify key elements.


Testing your Structured Data




3)     Feedback Requests:

The feedback button on the KG is one of the most vital but often times frustrating functions to get your data correct. If fixing the source error, doesn’t update your data problem then “the Feedback Button” is your only option.



 A perfect feedback request is one that states and identifies what is wrong about the data and provides a link to the Wrong Data, and what is the correct information should be from a link and valid source.



The information about my birth date of  8/10/1905  is wrong. The wrong data is pulled from this LINK.  You can see the correct information is 8/10/1965 from this LINK.


4)     Submitting Feedback

The feedback system is automated by robots and a spam filter.  You must get past the spam filter and robots in order for your feedback to be seen by a human reviewer.

Submit the feedback from Multiple IP address
Submit the feedback every 3-4 days multiple times
Use different Logins,  or not logged in.
Get more people to help you submit feedback.


  It can take 3 weeks to 3 months or more for your data to be fixed from the feedback request.


Written 4-19-2016