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Can Google please add the category Christian Organization? I am not a church, and I am not a bookstore. I've received tons of calls from people because I had to choose book store over church. It's  misleading for the people wanting a book store, but so would it be misleading for people looking for a church...

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Re: Category for my company

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Hi Pamela,

Can you please clarify your business nature or what your company actually does? It will help to choose the relevant category.

Re: Category for my company

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Hi @Pamela C


I can add it to the suggested category spread sheet, whether Google chooses to add this is another matter.


You might try educational consultant, as looking at your business page, the emphasis is on speaker. The trick is to find the nearest possible category available and hopefully people have a some nouce about them to actually read the description or your website.


I would also like to mention that your business page name is violating naming guidelines, your business page should just be : Pamela Christian Ministries





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Re: Category for my company

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@Pamela C


Hi Pamela


Google offers a category "Religious organisation".

It covers obviously all kinds of Religous Organisations - including any Christian Organisation.

In case this category isn't available for you please let me know in what country it isn't available.

Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile