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Cannot Locate my place ID

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I am trying to locate my place ID to set up my link to send to clients to review my page. When I follow the link to do so it does not locate my business at the address. we are in an office building with a few other businesses and I can see it pull up those but not mine. Although when I Google my business name it does show on Google maps.


Full Business Name: Rex Grasz - Union Home Mortgage

Address: 250 Highland Pkwy Suite D Upper Sandusky, OH 43351


Cannot Locate my place ID

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Hi Rex, I'd be happy to help. 

I'm not sure what tool you're using to build a review link, but one of my favorites was made by, and only requires your business name and zip code. You can find the tool here

There's a few different kinds of links it will give you, here's one that will work on mobile and desktop:

It can still be very useful though to know your business ID (called your CID), especially if you ever run into strange behavior with your Google profile. To find that, just do a search for your business name, and then in the knowledge panel, click the map on the top right. Next, right mouse click in the white area near your business information, click 'view source' and then do a ctr+f (find) for the 3 letters: cid. There will be a few times those three letters are used in the page, you're looking for one that looks like this:


your cid is the part in between the u003d and the #lrd:so your particular CID is 13947426662157867101. There might be easier ways of getting it (I'm sure there are a dozen tools to get it) but it's still nice to know how to get it manually. 

Hope that helps. 

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