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Can´t see my business information to the right on google search

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For some reason I can´t get my company profile to appear on the right on google search. I have validated my business and put in all the appropriate information. At this point I am out of ideas as to what I can do, so I hope someone has any pointers I could try out. It would be much appreciated. 


My company shows up on google maps with all the accurate information, but not on the general search page. 


Company name is Bølgen Media, and we are located in Stavanger. 

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Re: Can´t see my business information to the right on google search

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@Daniel T


I'm so sorry not being able to give you a good solution but just a vague idea what might causing your issue (I'm able to replicate it though)


The only way I find you on Google is searchin fro your main category like  "Advertising Agency in 4016 Stavanger"

I then get you on page one of all results (4th position):

Screenshot 2016-02-20 at 15.55.30.png


But like you I don't get yo for a name search and not at all with a knowledge  panel at the right side of Google search.

Now my very vague idea:


I noticed and have a proof for this doing:

YOu created and verified the business using the English Userinterface of GoogleMyBusiness rather the using  either of the two Nowegian Userinterfaces of GoogleMyBusiness


Not sure this matters. But I suspect it does!


You would not be the first user of  GoogleMyBusiness having issues on ranking on Google b/c of not using the genuine (language) Userinterface of GoogleMyBusiness for your country

Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile

Re: Can´t see my business information to the right on google search

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Hi Helmut,

Thank you for your respons. I changed the userinterface now, although that did not seem to fix the problem. It´s so confusing why my company does not show up with a map to the right in the search panel...! Every other customer I´ve had this has not been an issue. But for our own page it just won´t work. Do you have any other ideas that could help...? =)
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Re: Can´t see my business information to the right on google search

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@Daniel T


you are mistaken about having changed the UI of the "creation" 

You can change the UI visiting the page only


You can't change the UI of a created GMB page.

Its like a kind of DNA or a fingerprint of the page.
Will give you a proof that you did not change the DNA of your page in question telling me it was created using the English UI of GMB
Take a look (in classic view of G+) to this URL
The visited page shows in English UI as there is the parameter ?hl=en specified.
Ok and because you and me visit the Page in English UI we see the description you have specified as "Bølgen Media ~ Reklamebyrå i Rogaland som fokuserer på spennende visuelle løsninger rotfestet i grundige strategier og insights. "
see my screen capture showing it while using the English UI URL 
Screenshot 2016-02-20 at 18.32.36.png
ok and now try any other UI in"NON-English":
let say we use (would be the same with other valid hl parameters like hl=es or hl=de or hl=fr)
Screenshot 2016-02-20 at 18.36.31.png
getting NO description shown up!!!
Its a well know fact (known to specialist like us TCs):
The description will shown up only on G+ classic  if using the same language UI as while creating the business page.
So you have not (and unfortunately you can't even) change(d) the UI of the page in question.
A hard fact to say you is this:
You have to kill your baby and have then to beget a new one in an other bed (aka other Userinterface) .
It will then have very likely an other "DNA"
But please note my disclaimer.
Since I'm sure your baby was begotten in a English bed (aka Userinterface)
I'm not sure the "English DNA of your  baby" is responsible for the issue and I'm also not quite sure a NON-English bed (aka Userinterface) to betget a new baby with a NON-English UI will fix the matter.
I hope so - but I can't give you any guarantee.
That's the dilemma.


Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile