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Can't remove a third party URL that has been added to my Google listing

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I am not very happy with google right now.

The Brightest Thai

418 Hamilton Road Chermside Q 4032 Australia

+61 731722169


we have a small family thai restaurant in Australia, We mainly do deliveries and takeout.


when you type our business name in google (The Brightest Thai) on the side of the screen it shows our business details but the links for ordering online and menu as third party companies such as menulog, eatnow etc.


We use third company websites to gain extra orders,  but our business and website details should link to our online menu and ordering. it is also deceptive as they are directly below the photos of our store.


I contacted google via the live help link and someone called me back and took all the details and said it would be fixed and replaced with our own URLs for our menu and online ordering within 48 hours. that was a week ago now and nothing has changed.


I am starting to suspect google has some reason to keep the big third party websites links there.


anyhow i found another thread from someone with the exact same problem as link below. luckily I recorded the phone call with google, I record most my business calls, when they agreed to have it removed within 48 hours. I am really thinking of taking my recorded phone to call to a lawyer and a reporter perhaps, if i cant find help to have this fixed very fast. I find it horrible that they link our businesses direct details to a huge company that takes 14% from our orders even after requesting not to.

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Can't remove a third party URL that has been added to my Google listing

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you can't ecpect getting the links removed in case you have any contract with the three order platforms.

But in case you don't have any contract with them only support can fix the inapproriate links.


To provide your own links make sure having read and applied this article:

See alos the answer of @Tim Capper in here: Re: Third Party Links On My Business Listing

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Re: Can't remove a third party URL that has been added to my Google listing

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I have no contract with any company concerning links to my website from
google. I read through the info on changing some details in code on website If
there are changes to be made to website happy to do, but I dont want to
spend time on that if google are not going to change anything as they have
already said via multiple phone calls. I have contacted google support they
told me they will not change the google links. That is Crazy. It is our
business and our business details. how can they not change the links they
put them there. they allow us to change all business details why not the
links. Obviously they receive income from the third party sites.

If I supply the links here can you help me get someone to update links for
me. I can see on this post others have been successful. it is costing me
thousands and most dishonest of google. To be honest they should be
punished for this. I sent all the details to a lawyer explaining listing
and how it shows in search engines and maps, along with screenshots. I
dont want to go down that road, but i am running out of choices due to
googles refusal to change links for ordering

thank you
the brightest thai