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Can't change business information or verify ownership

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It's been more than a month since I tried to edit the business listings including the images and business category but nothing has changed. I also tried to verify ownership of the listing but haven't received any communications from the "owner". The company also doesn't know who owns the listing so we are unable to verify ownership.


1. Now Living

2. 3/6 Bennett St, East Perth WA 6004

3. (08) 6461 5350



We want to remove all the images and keep only the business logo. The business category needs to be changed to "home builders". 


Thanks in advance for your help!





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Re: Can't change business information or verify ownership

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Hi @Damien P


So you have used the : request admin ( ownership ) transfer email ?


In that case you can contact business support, to help with the request:


Here's a few examples of how this process could go:

1. We look at the owner and see if they have been active recently - if not, we notify the user that we have unverified their page and ask them to contact us if this incorrect. Over 80% of these actually come back as mailer-demons and we immediately know the user is no longer active and can't transfer ownership, in which case we unverify them and let them know. In this case, we have an issue - unverifying a page means losing the views, posts and content that has been built by the current owner.

2. We reach out to the owner and they do respond and say "yes that'd be great, lets transfer ownership." We could help them through that process and also keep the views and social content provided by the previous owner (since they are giving that data to the new owner in the transfer).

3. If we reach out to the owner and they don't respond in 7 days, we will attempt to reach out a few times through different methods (email again, phone, website portal contact paths, etc) and give them another 7 days. If there is no response we will unverify the current owner and then ask the claimant to pin verify the page again - so that we can verify they are legit. Keep in mind the process takes awhile because we want to be sure the right owner is managing the page and to give the current owner a chance to reply.

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