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Can a business owner claim a business that's pending GR?

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I'm a volunteer mapper over on the MapMaker platform (profile)   A business owner in one of my 'communities' bought a new location and opened a new business on 07-06-16.


I'm trying to figure out the fastest way for his listing to go live. This is his pending listing.


The business that used to be at that location was correctly closed around the first of the year ... but a few (likely)12-year-olds have repeatedly marked the old business as "reopened". I/we would then mark it closed (with explanations) and they would reopen it again a few days, or a week later... on-and-on.  I know you are familiar with this annoying behavior as it seemingly is widespread :(


By the time the owner was ready to go with his new business, the new listing immediately went into Google Review (moderation) -- and while I, of course, don't know for sure why the listing went to moderation, my guess would be because of the multiple previous attempts to edit this location. (If my guess is correct, that would be, BTW, IMNHO, the 'right thing' for Google to do.)


So now the business owner, along with Google user/customers "pay the price" for that childish behavior, as this new business, (complete with its grand opening earlier this month) won't appear on Google Maps until sometime after August 8th at the earliest.


The current edit queue for GR in MM is 5 weeks -- which is to say after 5 weeks, escalation can then be requested.

The owner called me today, not understanding why his new business isn't on Google :( Can you imagine trying to explain to a business owner "well there's a 5-week hold because some kids repeatedly vandalized the listing location"? ;) So, I told him I would stop by tomorrow ... and see what's the best way to proceed.


The owner (who, BTW, is one of the "nicest guys in the world" ;) has an existing business claimed on GMB. The thought/plan was that I would put the listing for the new business up, tweak it in a day or so with the website, and then after he had a chance to catch his breath, he would claim this additional business under his GMB account.


At the time I made the edit, I thought it would publish immediately :-| (hah!) -- so I didn't include the website, as the website wasn't live, and I was gonna add it a couple of days later.


So, the question is at this point what's the fastest way to get the site live (published)?


(1) Would it be faster for him to claim this additional business through his GMB account and then wait through whatever verification process there is, OR, (2) should he wait out the remaining 15+ days before the edit can be escalated (in MM)? -- and then claim the listing after it's live?


(3) Will the fact that this edit is in moderation adversely impact him (in addition to any verification required) were he to claim it through his GMB account?


I know you don't have a crystal ball to give definitive answers to such a question (but if you do happen to have one, I want one!) -- but your advice on how he should proceed would be valuable and appreciated.


While I read as much as I can -- you can tell from this post that when it comes to GMB, I am a newbie! ;)


Thank you!

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Re: Can a business owner claim a business that's pending GR?

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@Map Wrangler


almost all of your query is about a MM-listing being "under GoogleModeration"


We can't much help here about the fact it's under "under GoogleModeration" - not even the MM forum will be able to help.

We alos can only speculate about the reason why it's "under GoogleModeration" but IMHP your guess is: it's very likely correct. 


My only idea is to create a listing through GoogleMyBusiness .

Doing this it likely will also go in review status on your dashboard.

But you then could try to contact business supporgt to get the pending business of  GoogleMyBusiness  reviewed.

Note the business support is likely not going to deal with the actual  pending MapMaker listing 

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