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Can I remove a publicly posted photo?

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Someone (O. Strictest) has posted photos of my dental office on GMB. The photos are not a good representation of my business and I would like to get them removed. Could you please do it for me?


AG dentistry, 7-1401 Plains Rd. East Burlington, ON, Canada, L7R 0C2; www.

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Can I remove a publicly posted photo?

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O. Strictest is a member of the Google Guides program. Google is looking for more detailed pictures of a business to supplement what street view shows. You can report the pictures by clicking on the picture then when it is open on the top left click the three dots and select report a picture. It will then give you the following selections fill in the appropriate information and wait to see if they are removed. 

Why are you reporting this photo? (Required)
 Privacy concerns
 Content is not relevant to this location
 Poor quality photo
 Sexually explicit / strongly suggestive
Other policy violations
 Profane or obscene content
 Promotion of regulated goods
 Copyright or other legal issues
 Illegal activity
 Hate speech
 Harassment or bullying
They are not Studio quality but then Google's street view is not either. They will not remove that one. 
The second option is to take or get taken better exterior shots you like post them and the others will be pushed down in the grouping of shots. Paraphrasing  Google's intent they are trying to let people know what to expect when a location is to be visited before they get there. These may or may not be removed but some one else may take pictures and post them. If you look at a Walmart store they could have 200 pictures by numbers of people. Usually, most of the pictures taken are not ones done just by Walmart. I just use that as an example so you can see what is going on. 
David W Cox, Google My Business Rising Star
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