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Can I merge two accounts with different emails into one?

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Two years ago I created a Google+ profile and page and Google my business page, but never added a map location. Currently this account is not verified, but it has accumulated content over time. I use my gmail address to access it.

Original Google+ profile

Original Google+ page

Original Google My Business page


I recently hired a firm to help me with SEO. As part of this, and without my realizing it, they created a NEW Google My Business page, linked it to a map and new Google+ page. When I called Google in confusion, a technician reset the email address from my gmail to my website address to access this account. This account is verified and marked as "default".  

New Google+ page

New Google My Business dashboard page

Google maps

So now I have two accounts, which I cannot access at the same time. I have to log out of one to log into the other. I am unable to change the email to be the same for both. I would like the old Google+ page (& profile) to replace the new one, since it has content. Is this something I can easily do myself?


Can the old Google My Business page be deleted? I am worried that other data on related pages/apps will also delete.


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Re: Can I merge two accounts with different emails into one?

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I finally got telephone assistance with this; we had to invite myself as manager from one account to the other until they were linked and then we merged them.