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Hey, in 2010 my YouTube account dakib0y got banned due to copyright stuff. This year I've gotten it back. And somehow, when I logged in with my old E-Mail, my old account suddenly was a Business? Whys that?


This is my account. The one I want to use as my normal Google+ profile, and NOT as a business. Whenever I'm on YouTube, I see my dakib0y account, and another account below there. Whats the reason that google made my old account a business? And HOW do I get rid of it?



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God K: it appears that when your channel was restored you selected the option to use a different identity for your YouTube channel than your main Google account identity.

You can move your channel to your main Google account, but if you do that your channel will use the name you have on your Google account (at )

If you want to have two different identities, a Google account identity and a YouTube channel identity, your channel must be connected to a Google+ "Brand" page (which is not just for businesses).

Here are instructions for moving your channel to your main Google account if that is what you want to do:

If you have any questions about doing that, the best place to post is the official YouTube help forum:!forum/youtube