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Business not being found on google

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Hi, I can't get my business to be found on Google. It only comes up when you are very specific with your googling. Eg lilac and rose scoresby. Even if I google florist scoresby my website or nothing comes up. Please help!

Re: Business not being found on google

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Hi @Jaclyn G

Is this your listing?

There's actually a lot of things Google looks at to decide which companies to show to searchers. A few pieces of the puzzle I see that you're missing:

reviews do count. Here's a link you can use when asking customers to leave you a review:

Another piece is how well your website ranks. One big part of that is how many other relevant, important websites link to you. I put your website into a site called majestic, and it literally couldn't find even a single link. There's a lot of ways you can get links, here are some ideas:

Having your business listed in some of the important Australian business directories can also be very helpful, just another piece of information that Google looks at to decide how trustworthy the information they have on your business is, and how likely a customer would appreciate them showing your business to them. 

Here's a list of some of the important directory sites, scroll down to Australia and you'll see a list:

I did a search for your phone number and your business name to see how many directories you're in, and I only saw 5 total, that's it. 

I've often seen businesses with very little online footprint like yours fail to show up even at the bottom of the page in a google map search, so I'm not surprised that's what you're seeing. Get your business registered in a few more business directories, think about how you can use your ties to the local community to get links to your site (ask the wedding planner/photographer if they're going to post the wedding in their blog, and ask if they would link to your site as the florist?) and start asking customers for more reviews. There's no real short cuts, but if you put in the work you'll start seeing much more of your business coming from Google. 

If that all sounds too technically complicated, you might be better off exploring paid advertising (Facebook maybe?) hiring someone to help with this stuff (be careful, many people who say they know what they're doing actually don't) or making direct community connections with related business owners (wedding planners, funeral directors, etc) and building your business through referrals instead. 

Sorry I don't have better news for you, but hopefully that was helpful. 

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