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My business listing was suspended before I could verify it. I have the code but no way to enter it. Can someone please look at this and help resolve?


The G+ page gives me a message that says "Your page has been blocked since it has been identified as possible spam. To unblock your page, please verify it." - but I'm unable to verify as it's suspended?










Thanks in advance


*EDITED - removed business info.



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Business listing suspended

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Hi Patrick, 


in most of the cases- this happens if  someone is editing / adding the business information during the verification process. ( after you requested for the postcard).  If you haven´t made any edits- you can simply contact the support for gmb in your country and they will be able to fix it, but anyway- i think that you will have to go through the verification process one more time. 


If you have made any business changes during this verification period- i would better advise you to completely delete this local page, create a new one and request for the verification code one more time. This will take less time as contacting the support to change the state of your local page - as you will have to go through the verification process one more time. 


Bet Regards, 



Re: Business listing suspended

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Hi @Patrick K


Do you actually have a permanent unit at that address?


The reason I ask is that it may have been triggered because it is also linked to virtual offices and mailboxes, which are against guidelines.




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Re: Business listing suspended

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Thank you, I will delete the page and try again. I appreciate the advice :)

Re: Business listing suspended

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Hi, yes we are permanently located here in our workshop. I will take the
previous advice and start again and see how that works out before taking
this one further, I've raised too many tickets with no real response
already! Cheers!