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Business listing suspended?

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So hopefully someone can help me with this...

Just tried to set up google my business and it suspended the listing... have no idea why?


Jay Terpenning

455 North University Avenue

Provo, Utah 84601



I am a real estate agent and there's more then one business at that address, that's all I can think of that could be causing this. 


Can someone help me out?


Thanks so much,


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Re: Business listing suspended?

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I have had something similar happen. I set up my business on a laptop and fine. When I downloaded the app "my business" it tells me that my page is suspended!? I really wish that I knew what was happening.

Re: Business listing suspended?

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@Deborah J


Almost each case is differnet here!



Please start your own thread providing there all information to understand and investigate your issue
This allows us to keep the forum organized and gives you the attention you need.
This ( ) is our top level Community--from there, you can click into the board title that is most applicable for your issue. Once you're in an individual board, you can click on the red/pink + sign in the lower right corner of the screen to start a new topic.

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Re: Business listing suspended?

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Hi @Jayson T


There could be a couple of issues with this.


1) That is not the correct address, where is the suite # ?

2) that website is not live, remove url until live 

3) Are you sure you should not be a SAB ( serviced area business ) is there someone in the office that will meet with customers from 8 am - 8 pm ? 





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Re: Business listing suspended?

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@Jayson T

I don't believe the plenty of other listings for the address matter.

But there is one specific listing and it likely matters;


I figured your your phone number and your name is listed in here (its the "Office Profile Coldwell Banker West Realty") and indeed the "Coldwell Banker West Realty" is at this address as well.

Now the one million dollar question:

Are oyu aware how Google requires to set up listings for individual practitioners of a agency?


Please read their "guidelines for local businesses" and over there the part "Individual practitioners" below "Chains, departments, and individual practitioners"

Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile

Re: Business listing suspended

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Thank you for the help.
1)There is no suite.
2) The website is live.
3) We do business at that location only as we are a pet sitting business.

I have had my business up for years and it wasn't until I got the app that
it started stating this. The email is correct. I made sure when I let go
of my other Gmail account that the business was under the business accounts
Gmail. It is, in fact, live with no problems, correct? The business name is
"Pet and People Services."
Thank you,
D. Jean

Re: Business listing suspended?

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@Tim Capper

Thanks so much for your help so far!

1) I corrected the address with the suite number > is that the correct way to address it with google?
2) I removed the url
3) Yes someone is at the office if i am not and i'm not sure about SAB ... I'm trying to follow the instructions below and think I have done that so far


under > Chains, departments, and individual practitioners > Individual practitioners

Re: Business listing suspended?

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@Helmut Geissler

I looked at the guidelines for local businesses and Individual practitioners you sudjested and I think i'm following those rules as far as I can tell.

Thanks for your help, can you look again to see if everything else looks ok?

Re: Business listing suspended?

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Can anyone guide me... Google has suspended your page due to quality issues... How to fixed this