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Business is NOT permanently closed

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Hi.  I have a business, 1-800-Junk-Refund.  We haul away junk for people then, instead of going to a landfill with the good saleable stuff, we resell it and give money back to people.  For three years I had a retail store in which we would store the stuff until it was sold.  To save on overhead, we closed the store and moved the stuff to storage units.  When we reported the store as "permanently closed" it has given our customers the impression we no longer are in business at all.  All we did was close the retail outlet in favor of using storage units to save on costs.  What we do for people remains the same; we've just dropped our overhead.


How do we let people know that we moved our store to another location and we still haul away junk?  By looking at the google listing it appears we have gone out of business altogether.  Can you help us?  Thanks!

Re: Business is NOT permanently closed

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Cool business model! Essentially when you mark your business as 'permanently closed' you are telling Google that you are no longer operating, when in reality you just went from being a brick and mortar business to a service area business. So, to get you back open you'll need to reopen your location - here's how. Also you'll want to update your information to reflect your new business address (wherever you are officially running your business from) and since you serve your clients at their location, change your setting to follow the guidelines of a service area business. 


Change this to 'Yes' - I deliver goods and services to my customers at their location

and un-check - I also serve customers at my business address


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