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Good afternoon, everyone. 


I'm hoping you can help me out with the following problem; 


I work for an e-commerce store and we have a rating of 4.7 stars (2,600+) with Google Reviews.


However, when our site was made, it was incorrectly listed as a service area business on Googlemaps - a few customers have reviewed on this (26 people) and we have received a much lower review score of 2.6.


As you can probably guess, we want the Google Reviews (4.7 stars) to be showing on SERPs, not the business reviews (2.6 stars). 


Can this be achieved? If I change to a non service area business, will this remove the current reviews? 


Thank you in advance for any help given. 




(I am not allow to disclose my business website/address as per managers request.)

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Business Reviews

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You should mark the GmB search result as never existed as it was made against guidelines.


And SEO your web site and Google + Brand page which is the only Google entry your type of business is allowed.