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Business Page suspended

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While working to update my business page (new address and the front page info), I noted the the "suspension notice" showing up (Google has suspended your page due to quality issues.Get help).

I followed on the link to appeal the suspension - 11 times so far. Always getting the following response:


" Thank you for contacting Google. However, it appears that you have not entered the URL of your Google+ page correctly.

Please enter the correct URL of your official Google+ page and submit your page for review. We’ll review your page and if it complies with our policies, we’ll lift the suspension.

If you have any further questions, please consult the Google My Business Help Center."


I have followed the link on the Goole form to copy and paste the URL. Whatever I do, none is working. Here is the link that I copied and posted in the URL field:


Here is a the information that I provided on the appeal form:


Business Name:  Mathonia Learning Center

Address: 122 E. Sego Lily Dr. Unit 402, Sandy, UT 84070

Phone: 773-653-0750



Other Information entered:

" I was working on updating the information for the website when noticed the "suspension" notice. Their was no 'update' button on the page to complete the update.



Mathonia Learning Center is our Tutoring website - we (me and my wife) are the tutors.

We have moved from Glenview, IL to Sandy, UT.

I changed the address to the business' registered address in the state of Utah – that is our residence address.

Our tutoring is now all online. You may like to visit our website (


Please Note: Some time ago, I created the “brand” page for this business as it is now an online operation. But, it seems, that page dosen't exist.


Please advise what caused the suspension - and how to correct it.


Thank you."


I will greatly appreciate in any one can guide me what is going on - We are retired teacher and do online tutoring. It is a passion - not a business.


[Also, we don't display any ads]





Business Page suspended

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You cannot have a GmB entry for an online only business. Delete the GmB entry.


Make or re-use a Brand page.

Re: Business Page suspended

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Hi Andrew,

Thank you for looking into it. But, what is GmB?

Is it the "suspended" business page? I made a Brand page some time ago, I
have not been able to locate it anywhere - only page that I can locate is
that (suspended) local business page. Should I recreate I new Brand page?

Also, in case of similar situation in future, any idea why the URL was not
being accepted in the appeal form?

Thank you so very much for your help.

* Parwaiz Khan *
* Health & Wholesome Living*

Re: Business Page suspended

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GmB = Google my Business


Simply remove the GmB entry as its not appropriate.


Re-use an existing Brand page or create one.