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Business Page Suspended for "Spammy Behavior"

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Hello, my business page has been suspended and I am unsure why. My listing is compliance with Google's policies and guidelines, and when I ask for it to be reinstated I just get the general automated response saying it has been suspended for "spammy behavior". Can someone please help me figure out what needs to be done in order to get my listing back live? This is very important to us and helps us communicate with our valued customers as well as put food on our tables at home. Our information is as follows:


American Best Locksmith

1227 Liberty Street Suite 206

Allentown Pa 18102



Thank you in advance for your assistance with this issue, my business is my life and I appreciate any help you can offer,


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Re: Business Page Suspended for "Spammy Behavior"

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Hi @Michael N


I am going to say because there are some odd sites going on here.  Your website:, But the site also mentions part of AB Locksmiths and also American locksmiths has their own site :


So who are you really affiliated with.


The address does not match address already held by Sec of State for American Best Locksmiths


You need to get all your business details correctly aligned.



Tim Capper, Google My Business Top Contributor
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Re: Business Page Suspended for "Spammy Behavior"

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@Tim Capper We are the American Best Locksmith Allentown branch. We have our own website for this area as well as our own location. When we set up the page we were on the phone with Google support to ensure that we were completing everything in accordance with the guidelines. We were told to set up the location under the same name "American Best Locksmith" and we were told to specify our service area to ensure that it did not overlap with American Best Locksmith's (Huntington Valley (Main Location)) service area.



AB Locksmith is an abbreviation for American Best Locksmith. Rather than continuously type out "American Best Locksmith" every time we reference ourselves we abbreviated it to make our site more reader-friendly and to also avoid sounding repetitive and redundant.

Re: Business Page Suspended for "Spammy Behavior"

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I head my GMB suspended before, and @ElizabethP was able to help me.

Sean then i didn't make any changes, some time google make no sens with his behavior.