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Business Name Incorrect in Google search listings

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I am the Director of Marketing and Communications at Judson College in Marion, Alabama. When I search "Judson College", our Business Name on both the GoogleMaps/Business panel and the sub-title of our actual site listing in the search results displays "Judson Female College". While we are a women's college, our name is "Judson College".

For three-plus years now I've been submitting feedback for both areas on the Google search results page, to no avail. I'm also our website administrator, and nowhere in our metadata can I find any reference to "Judson Female College". Now, when I try to submit feedback, the name in the "Business Name" field appears as "Judson College", so I can't submit more feedback about removing "female" from the actual displayed name.


What can we do? This is hurting our brand and our ability to be found by our constituents.

(800) 447-9472

302 Bibb Street

Marion, AL 36756

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Re: Business Name Incorrect in Google search listings

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@Mary A


This seems to be your listing: (it's verified) - right?


I however can replicate getting it shown up as "Judson Female College" on  a search for "Judson College near Marion AL" - right side of GoogleSearch


I think its a bad mismatch of several information in oyur knowledge graph to fix by Google asap.

According my own research (you however can replicate it just searching for "Judson Female College" "302 Bibb St, Marion" I mean searching for the entire bolded & underlined query) you get very well at least three web sources bringing your college at its address under this outdated name - see below the red highlightes sources 2016-10-27 17-47-40.png


I will nevertheless bring the issue as a mismatched knowledge graph to Googles attention.


for my own reference only: badly mismatched knowledge graph to fix

Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile

Business Name Incorrect in Google search listings

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@Helmut, Thanks so much for helping to find the site where the name is listed incorrectly. I hadn't been able to find one. 

Since the three returns you got are from the same site, I've tried contacting the site owner but haven't heard anything. 


Thanks for letting Google know about the mismatched knowledge graph. I see that the search results text is no longer showing "Female", though still present in the right-hand business listing. 


Would you recommend anything else I could do to work on getting the business listing name changed--or "matched"?

Re: Business Name Incorrect in Google search listings

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@Mary Amelia T


@Helmut Geissler asked me to add my two cents to this post. 


Google's Knowledge Panel is a machine created representation of your college that is assembled from information around the internet. For this "machine" to correctly "understand" who you are, it needs to find clear and unambiguous signals as to things like your name. 


Unfortunately for you there was another historic institution that used the Judson Female College and unfortunately for you, some prominent internet sources also, erroneously, refer to you by that name.


So while referring this to Google might get it squared away temporarily, it might recur if the "machine" makes the same mistake a second time.


What is to be done?


You or a contractor will need to go around the internet and make sure that references to you are accurate.


Steps you might try

1- Get the page corrected. On that page they refer to you as "Judson Female College" in both the URL and the important (h1) Title of the page
2- It also appears to be wrong on this where they also refer to them as Judson Female College in the first paragraph. Google puts a lot of weight on first paragraphs so see if you can get them to change. 

3-And here where you are ranked as the 31st best woman's college (congrats btw) they also refer to you Judson Female College. Contact them and ask for a correction

4-You might find more examples by searching google for your name in quotes and your state. Go through those and change any that you find. 

5- Also because Judson Female College was a historic institution it is referenced in Wikipedia on the same page as you:'s_universities_and_colleges_in_th...

Unfortunately there is no link to the historic college by that name in NC so it is possible for Google to get "confused"

6 there I would write an article for wikipedia about the actual Judson Female College with good location clues referencing North Carolina and then be sure to disambiguate the two at Wikipedia on your page. 


Unfortunately the way that Google works requires this extra work of you. Perhaps someone in your college could take this on as a task. If you need a recommendation for a consultant that can help you with this project let me know.