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Business Listing at multiple locations for Psychologist

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My client is a psychologist who consults currently at 4 different locations - along with other psychologists or practitioners depending on the venue.


My question is can I create a maps listing for her at each of the clinics she consults at?  Or should I try to add her details to the clinic's existing listing if they have one.


Should I create a main listing for my client based on "Service Area".


Business Name: Larissa Lagerewskij, Clinical Psychologist

Business Address: Client runs the business from home (Suburb, Montmorency, Melbourne, Australia) but consults clients at 4 different clinics.

Google Maps URL (but this is no longer valid):



Appreciate your advice.


Thanks in advance,


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Business Listing at multiple locations for Psychologist

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Hi @Victoria T 


Assuming the goal here is exposure and based on the information provided, using 'service areas' seems like the best alternative in my opinion.


You could also add some information to the other practices' existing websites/listings (with their permission of course) :)


It wouldn't be a good idea to create multiple listings if there isn't a permanent business situated at those addresses.


I hope this is of some help.

Business Listing at multiple locations for Psychologist

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Thanks Mark.  Appreciate your help :-)